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guangzhou food Food in Guangzhou is famous the world over. Cantonese cuisine is one of China's four basic culinary styles, and is made up of Guangzhou cuisine, Chao-Shan cuisine and Dongjiang cuisine, the Guangzhou style dominant. With different ingredients, fine preparation, a light flavor and rich in variation, its color, scent and taste are superior, and it¡¯s nutritionally-sound, too. The food industry in Guangzhou ranks among China¡¯s top. To date, there are over 10,000 restaurants in the city, with seats for over 500,000.
¡¡There are also many restaurants with reputations running back more than one-hundred years, serving traditional dishes, snacks and dim-sum. The Guangzhou Restaurant, the North Garden Restaurant, the Banxi Restaurant, the Southern Restaurant, the Dasanyuan Restaurant and the Datong Restaurant each has its own unique specialty. Guangzhou¡¯s restaurants are open for ¡°the three teas, two meals and the midnight snack¡±, and are sure to meet the expectations of any guest.
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