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Guangzhou Hotel Directory
China Hotel, Guangzhou (5 Star)
Dongfang Hotel Guangzhou (5 Star)
Gitic Riverside Hotel Guangzhou (4 Star)
Guangdong Guest House (4 Star)
Holiday Inn City Centre Guangzhou (4 Star)
Hotel Landmark Canton (4 Star)
Liu Hua Hotel (3 Star) Rate from:US$48 New Pearl River Hotel
Overseas Chinese Hotel (3 Star)
Ramada Pearl Hotel, Guangzhou (4 Star)
The Garden Hotel Guangzhou (5 Star)
White Swan Hotel (5 Star)

Restaurants Guangzhou
ˇˇRestaurants Guangzhou, with its 10,000 restaurants, is a paradise for gourmets. Residents like to say that you didn't really visit the city if you failed to taste any of its exotic dishes and pastries. There's something for every palate. The adventurous can try fried river snails. Those with a sweet tooth, moon cakes. Traditionalists will have their choice of roast duck or rice porridge served in restaurants that are older than the People's Republic. And for the environmentally incorrect, shark's fin soup.

Famous Guangzhou Restaurant Listing

Guangzhou Restaurant

Panxi Restaurant 81815718
Beiyuan Restaurant 83563365
Nanyuan Restaurant 84449211
Dasanyuan Restaurant 81883970
Datong Restaurant 81888988
Taotao ju Restaurant 81396111
Guangzhou Restaurant 81380388
Qingping Restaurant 81814838
Dongjiang Restaurant 83335343
Taipingguan Restaurant 83332938
Lianxiang Lou 81813388
Huabei Restaurant 81084467
Snake Meal Restaurant 81883424
Dongshan Restaurant 87766953
Shahe Restaurant 87705998
South Sea Fishing village 83806111
xinguang Garden Restaurant 83333388
Caigenxiang Vegetarian Restaurant 83343047
Luming Restaurant 83598180
New Litchi Bay Restaurant 87554123
Branch of Dakeyi Sea Food & Game Restaurant 81361188
McDonald's 81362868
Dajiale Fast Food Restaurant 83847859
Kentucky Fried chicken fast Food Restaurant 83853878
Pizza Hut 83182299

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