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Guangzhou Friendship Store
369,Huanshi Dong Road,Guangzhou 83576628
Garden Hotel ShoppingArcade
368,Huanshi Dong Road 82228989
World Trade Center
371-375,Huanshi Dong Road,1-3?F,World Trade Center Building 87650028
Yi An Plaza
33,Jian She Liu Ma Road,Guangzhou 87650028
Teem Plaza
208,Tian He Road,Guangzhou 85592818
Citic Plaza
233,Tian He Bei Road,Guangzhou 87520789
Guangzhou Merchandise Building
295,Beijing Road,Guangzhou 83322348
Xin Da Xin Department Store
4,Zhong Shan Wu Road,Guangzhou 83322811
Nan Fang Department Store
49,Yan Jiang Xi Road,Guangzhou 81886022
Dong Shan Plaza
69,Xian Lie Zhong Road,Guangzhou 87300228
Wan Fu Jing Department Store
40,Long Lin Xia Road,Guangzhou 87613838
Fanours Shopping Plaza
Liu Hua Road,China Hotel,Guangzhou 86666024
AFT Gourmet Downunder
Tianhe Dong Lu,Xiu Cheng Nan Jia,No,11/104 87501473
Enjoying the fame of "shopping paradise".guangzhou is the most important Commodity distribution center in south China. Worldwide brand-name commodities in complete categories can be found here. Fashionable dress, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, computer and electronic goods, photographing apparatus, sports goods, stationery, fashionable playthings, curios, arts and crafts, medicines and herbs, sea products and other endless goods will meet the different demands of visitors worldwide.

Take advantage of famous Guangzhou specialty streets.
Changzhou Road
is the street for jade;
Daxin Road is for folk arts and crafts;
Wendehellu Road is for cultural goods such as antiques, calligraphy and pictures, pottery and porcelain, art crafts etc.) .ducts;
Tianhe Road for computers;
Wushan Road for scientific Products;
Qianjinnanlu Road for Pets;
Dongfengxilu Road for birds ;
Danan Road for fresh flowers;
Qingping Road and Shufang Street of Danan Road for aquatic animals;
Jianglan Road for fishing tools.
Besides. there is a student ornament street in kenmln kd. South, from unique octopus barrettes, funny cartoon hair ornaments, delicate hags, fastness necklaces, cosmetics to dolls and idols' plctures, which is younger` hest choice .

Night markets

Take full advantage of the open-air markets for Its low price and the fun of bargaining.Night markets scatter at Xihu Rd.,Jiaoyu Rd., Huanghuagang, Xiaogang, Shahe, Shayuan, ShangxiajiuCommercial Pedestrian Street and BeiJing koad Commercial Pedestrian Street. All night markets open from dusk to midnight,selling daily articles, fashionable clothes and foods, etc. The night markets are not only quite convenlent but also add color to Guangzhou night life.

Antique Market


Guangzhou has its antique market in the alleys off Daihe Lu. It's very informal and consists mostly of people peddling wares from their windows or the back of a truck. It can he very interesting, but be aware that few of these `antiques' are very old and many may be fake Still, it's good fun to explore.

The Friendship Stores have antique sections, but don't expect to find a bargain.Only antiques that have been cleared for sale to foreigners may be taken out of the country. When you buy an item that is more than 100 years old it will come with an of ficial red wax seal attached. This seal does not necessarily indicate that the item is an antique. You'll also get a receipt of sale which you must show to customs when you leave the country, otherwise, the antiqto will be confiscated. Imitation antiques are sold everywhere. Some museum shops sell replicas of pieces on exhibit.

On the left of the Cultural Park and tucked away down a small street is a fascFnating antiques market full of ceramics,jade and other collectibles, The Owners of the stalls all trip over each other to show you the cream of the crop. Haggle hard. On the west of Shamian lsland, on Shamian Sijie, is a string of souvenir shops selling paintings, clothes and calligraphy. The road leading up to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is also chock-a-block with souvenir shops bursting with ceramics and jade. The Guangzhou Antique Shop at 172 Wende Bei Lu has a reasonable range of (not cheap) souvenir items.

Arts & Crafts


Brushes, paints and other art materials may be worth checking: a lot of this stuff is heing imported by western countries, so you should be able to pick it up cheaper at the source. Scroll paintings are sold every where and are invariably expensive, partly because the material on which the paintings are done is expensive. There are many street artists in China who sit on the sidewalk making drawings and paintings on the spot and selling them to passers-by.

Beantiful kites are sold in China and are worth getting just to hang on your wall.Paper rubbings of stone inscriptions are cheap and make nice wall hangings when framed. Papercuts are sold everywhere and some are exquisite.

Jade and ivory jewellery is commonly Sold in China, but watch out for fakes. Remember that every ivory item bought brings the African elephant closer to extinction,and that countries such as Australia and the USA prohibit the importation of ivory. We Strongly urge you not to buy ivory goods.

The Jiangnan Native Product Store at 399 Zhongshan 4-Lu has a good selection of bamboo and baskets, and the Guangzhou Arts and Crafts Market is convenient at 284 Changdi Dama Lu, near the Aiqun Hotel.

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